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Guidelines for the reviewing procedure in the “Annals of Pedagogies”

1. Two independent reviewers, including at least one from outside the unit, are appointed to evaluate each article.

2. In the case of texts created in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers should be from the language area in which the article was written.

3. The author (s) of articles and reviewers do not know each other’s identities.

4. In other resolutions, the reviewer must sign a declaration of no conflict of interest; a conflict of interest is considered to occur between the reviewer and the author:
a) direct personal relationships (kinship, legal relationships, conflict),
b) professional subordination relationships,
c) direct scientific cooperation during the last two years preceding the preparation of the review.

5. Each review is in written form and ends with an explicit conclusion as to the admission of the article for publication or its rejection.

6. The names of reviewers of individual publications / numbers are not disclosed; once a year, however, the journal publishes a list of reviewers

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