Fascicle 2: History

Roczniki Humanistyczne, Fascicle 2: History - special issue 2023

The Editorial Board of the academic journal Roczniki Humanistyczne, Fascicle 2: History is seeking submissions for a special issue commemorating the 450th anniversary of the Warsaw Confederation and the first free elections in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1573, to be published in 2023.

Articles submitted should relate to the following topics:

  • the essence of religious tolerance in the Commonwealth,
  • the relationship of the churches of various denominations with the Polish-Lithuanian state and the nobility,
  • the system establishing the rules and procedures of holding sejms and sejmiks, with a particular emphasis on the electoral sejm,
  • the political literature on issues of religious tolerance and political principles in the Commonwealth,
  • the peculiarities of the functioning of the Commonwealth during the interregnum periods.

Each article submitted, in Polish or English, should no more than 40,000 characters (with spaces), along with an abstract in both Polish and English (of up to 150 words), and keywords in Polish and English (no more than 10). A short note about the author should be included in a separate file, including the author’s full name, ORCID ID, degree and/or academic title, affiliation in both the author’s own language and English, along with its address, and address for correspondence with phone number, and an e-mail address.

Detailed information on the preparation of texts can be found on the journal website under Dla autorów [for authors] (https://ojs.tnkul.pl/index.php/rh/index).

The text should contain footnotes and bibliography in accordance with the standard of the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, the rules of which can be found at: https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide/citation-guide-1.html. Texts that do not meet these requirements will be rejected by the Editor during the initial selection.

Due to the high scoring of Roczniki Humanistyczne (100 points according to the list of ranked academic journals) and its indexing in the Scopus database, the Editor reeserves the right to preselect articles for publication. Furthermore, a text can be rejected by the Editor due to the low quality of content and subject matter of the article, negative reviews, or if the number of characters exceed the established norm.

Electronic texts in .doc or .docx format, or queries regarding this special issue of Roczniki Humanistyczne, should be sent to arka_1@op.pl by 31 August 2023. Texts sent after this date will not be considered for publication.


Fascicle 2: History of the 20th Century 2024

Theme: History of the 20th Century.

The Editorial Board of Roczniki Humanistyczne (Annals of Arts), Fascicle 2: History is seeking contributions of high academic quality for the forthcoming 2024 issue: Contemporary Research by Historians of the History of the 20th Century. We especially, although not exclusively, encourage papers in the following areas:

  • The history of the 20th century.
  • The practical application of new methods of research

We accept only unpublished papers of high academic quality, reserving the right to preselect articles in terms of both subject matter and editorial content. Contributions, which should follow the MLA citation style and not exceed 30,000 characters in length (including abstract and references), should be submitted via the Open Journal System.

Preferred languages: English, Polish, French, German, Ukrainian.

Deadline for submission: 30 June 2023.

Address for correspondence: Dr. Hab. Arkadiusz Stasiak, Associate Professor; arcus@kul.pl

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