The beginnings of the "Teka Komisji Historycznej" go back to 2004. It has always been a yearbook. The journal used to be published by the Polish Academy of Sciences, Lublin Branch. Following the reorganization of the Academy, the fifteenth volume was published in 2018 jointly by the Polish Academy of Sciences, Lublin Branch, and Towarzystwo Naukowe KUL, and afterwards the subsequent volumes are published only under the name of Towarzystwo Naukowe KUL. The journal retains the composition of the Advisory Board, arrangement of subject areas, and format. Only the graphic layout and title have changed: "Teka Komisji Historycznej Towarzystwa Naukowego KUL".

The journal presents the results of research on the broadly understood history of Poland and world history, both with reference to political and military issues, economic history, culture or religious organisations. Each volume has a leading theme defined by the Editorial Board, so each volume constitutes a thematic unit. "Teka Komisji Historycznej" is addressed to historians, both in Poland and those representing foreign research centres.

Previous issues of the journal are available on the website of the Lublin Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Teka of the Historical Sciences Commission of the Learned Society of KUL |ISSN 2658-1175 eISSN 2719-3144 DOI: 10.18290/tkh

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