Anti-plagiarism system

To prevent plagiarism, the journal’s editorial team relies on an anti-plagiarism system using the iThenticate software ( from Turnitin – a global provider of technological services for science and education. The system makes it possible to verify the alleged similarity of a text against billions of internet sources and texts deposited by publishers who use the Similarity Check. Plagiarism is an infringement of personal copyrights whereby a person appropriates someone else's work in its entirety or in part and publishes it under their own name. Copying one’s own work in order to expand one’s scientific output constitutes an act of autoplagiarism. Plagiarism is a punishable act. Upon detecting a plagiarism the editorial board will notify the institution with which the author is affiliated, the reviewers, and the person(s) whose rights have been infringed. In addition, the editorial board will remove the published text and post a relevant notice on the journal’s website and/or in the print version.

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