Peer Review Process

The procedure of reviewing articles submitted for publication in the quarterly Roczniki Kulturoznawcze:

  • To assess each publication, two independent reviewers are appointed from a scientific unit that has no affiliation with the author.
  • For a publication in a language other than Polish, at least one reviewer is affiliated with a foreign institution based in a country other than the Author’s country of origin.
  • The Author(s) and the reviewers do not know each other’s identity in accordance with the double-blind review procedure.
  • The reviewers are obliged to confirm that there is no conflict of interest (family or work connections, collaboration with the author within two years prior to the submission).
  • The review has a written form and contains an unambiguous recommendation whether the article should be published or rejected.
  • The names of persons reviewing specific articles or issues of the Annals of Cultural Studies are not disclosed.
  • At least 75% of reviewers of submitted publications are external, i.e. they are not members of the scientific council of the quarterly Roczniki Kulturoznawcze or its editorial board, and they are not employed by the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.
  • Each year, the last issue of the quarterly publishes a list of reviewers of the submitted articles; the same list is made available on the Annals’ website.

The review should be sent electronically to:

A signed and scanned copy of the review can be sent via e-mail as a PDF attachment.

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