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Annals of Psychology (the continuation of Annals of Philosophy no 4, Psychology), published quarterly, is an academic psychological journal. Its aims to present up-to-date, original empirical results and influential theoretical contributions in various areas of psychology, and to promote new and creative ideas about research and psychological methods. The Journal accepts contributions of three kinds: 1) original articles, on both empirical and conceptual character, 2) short communications, and 3) polemics, which consists of a focus article followed by peer commentaries and a response by the author of the focus article. Annals of Psychology guarantees rigorous peer review process. The Journal is addressed to academics, practitioners in different areas of applied psychology and to representatives of related sciences with an interest in important new psychological ideas and findings.



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Last issues: 2019 No 1; 2019 No 2
Posted: 2020-01-16
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Vol 22, No 1 (2019)

Last issues: 2019 No 1; 2019 No 2

Table of Contents


Monika Wróbel, Michał Olszanowski
Daniela Hekiert, Magdalena Igras-Cybulska
Michał Olszanowski, Michał Parzuchowski, Aleksandra Szymków
Dorota Daniela Szczygieł, Wiesław Baryła
Ariadna Beata Łada, Maria Kaźmierczak
Monika Wróbel, Michał Olszanowski