Arcybiskup Józef Gawlina jako duchowy opiekun Polonii

Józef Bakalarz


Up to the second world war archbishop J. Gawlina (1892-1964) was working very actively in several spheres of human life, in Poland, and then - as a field bishop - he accompanied Polish soldiers on the European and Near East fronts, after the war in 1949 the Apostolic See made him a Spiritual Leader of Poles Abroad.

Being already such a Leader archbishop Gawlina has organized a Polish Ministry Headquarters at Rome, an Ordinary for Poles in Germany and Polish Catholic Missions in many other countries. Apart from that he was a Polish emigration priest journeying to many countries, taking care especially of young people, candidatesfor priesthood and persons in need of particular help.

In his activity he took into consideration also social and cultural needs of Polish emigration. He assumed also a patronage over educational institutions (Polish School Youth Organization) i.e. Polska Macierz Szkolna, cultural and publishing ones as well. He himself established three Polish publishing houses abroad.

As a Protector, a member of Higher Emigrational Council (Wyższa Rada Emigracyjna) and the Father of the Ecumenical Council he defended the rights of Polish emigrants especially in priestly matters, by lecturing in many various institutions both ecclesiastical and secular, and also by taking part in numerous diplomatic actions.

In all his efforts archbishop Gawlina’s main aim was to unite Polish emigration spiritually, to make its religious and cultural values retained, and to make it engage in the life of the Church, the mother country and the place of residence at the same time.

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