"Nowy Dziennik" a Polonia w USA

Bolesław Wierzbiański


The article contains a versatile characterization of the newspaper "Nowy Dziennik". The author has been its editor since 1970. He presents the origin of the daily, its aims, its particular columns devoted to various subjects, sources of information, the network of correspondents throughout the world, and the ideological orientation which is not limited to 013e party s program. The opinions prevailing in J. Piłsudski’s and R. Dmowski’s camps as well as those of socialists and the peasants party are presented. This corresponds with the present political preferences among Polish emigrants. The newspaper sets itself the goal of fighting for a proper place for the Polish ethnic group in the American social and political life. News from Poland constitute a considerable par of the daily s contents and one of its important functions is the one of educating and mobilizing Polish emigrants. It is especially important now, that Polish parishes tend to disappear. The mobilizing function is expressed in supporting relief action for Poland, and the educational one in pointing to the tasks facing the Polish community.

At present "Nowy Dziennik" is Polish biggest daily in USA. It has twelve pages /on Sundays - twenty-four/ and a circulation of 20 thousand copies /on special occasions up to 25 thousand/. The circulation is not very big compared with the number of Polish emigrants in USA, but this is due to the processes going on in the Polish community. "Nowy Dziennik" also runs its own mailorder book-shop and its own publishing office which publishes books concerned with Poland and her problems.

The same staff also edits the English-language menthly entitled "New Horizon - Polish American Review", designed for the Polish American intelligentsia. "Nowy Dziennik" is financially independent.

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