Polskie czasopisma młodzieżowe w Wielkiej Brytanii

Aleksandra Podhorecka


Basically the article is devoted to an analysis of tile origin, aims, social role, and various problems of the children s and youth s periodicals published in Great Britain in the last 40 years. There are mere than' a cozen of them.

The author concludes that the Scout Movement and the periodicals published by in have had the greatest influence on the education of the Polish youth in Great Britain. Their target was to hand down Polish culture to the succesive generations of emigrants. The periodicals devoted to the teaching in Saturday schools, which have also been published for the last 40 years, have had the same aim.

Besides, scout and school periodicals also other children s, youth s and students periodicals have been published in that period. These latter ones have played an important role although they had constant financial problems. However, the fact that they have been published for such a long time, despite many difficulties, proves that there was a greet need for such publications.

The editorial staffs of the existing periodicals are planning a further perfecting of them.

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