Działalność Katolickiego Ośrodka Wydawniczego "Veritas" w Londynie

Zbigniew Eugeniusz Wałaszewski


The author presents the almost 40 years work of the Polish Catholic Centre "Veritas" in London. He shows Polish publishing initiatives in Great Britain developed before and during World War II. The initiatives, concerned with religious subjects, anticipated the establishing of "Veritas". During World War II altogether more than 100 thousand copies of various publications were printed, both religious and concerned with other subjects. They were published in Polish for Polish war emigrants. It was then that also the "Catholic Publishing Fund" was established.

The work of the "Veritas" centre began after its own printing office had been opened in London in 1347. A fast development and a wide distribution of the publications edited after the end of the war was possible owing to the fact that the emigration s intellectual elite gathered round the centre. They published their articles in such periodicals as "Życie" and "Droga". Since May 1, 1S49 the weekly "Gazeta Niedzielna" has been appearing. It is designed for all the Polish Catholics in Great Britain.

The centre has already published about 300 books.

They are on various subjects: religious, philosophical, historical; they also include sciences, pedagogics, fiction etc. A distinct role is played by very numerous prayer-books, catechisms, church songbooks etc. In recent years "Veritas" has also published several books in English. They deal with Poland s history and culture.

Since the years after World War II "Veritas" has also helped in charity actions. Among others, its great contribution has been its help in obtaining scholarships for Polish students studying in Western Europe after the war. Altogether about 1 000 persons from among the young Polish emigrants received scholarships obtained by "Veritas". Some of them got important positions in the countries in which they settled.

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