Czy grób naprawdę był pusty? Całun Turyński w teologii fundamentalnej

Krzysztof Kaucha


This article contains many information about scientific and theological research on the Shroud of Tourin which arouses interest of many people. Especially fundamental theology research, the discipline which so far was interested in it very rarely and today should make necessary revisions, allows to see it as the picture of Jesus Christ, the third sign – beside paschal christofanies and so called the empty (not really) tomb – of the credibility of Christ’s Resurrection (maybe for some people the most evident) and a special sign of the Divine Revelation, God’s economy and the credibility of Christianity. Fundamental theology allows also to treat it as the miracle.

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Całun Turyński; badania naukowe; teologia fundamentalna; relikwia; ikona; cud; znak; wiarygodność chrześcijaństwa

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