Konstytucja apostolska Benedykta XVI „Anglicanorum coetibus” i jej implikacje dla życia wspólnoty anglikańskiej

Przemysław Kantyka


The article describes the new situation created by the publication of pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic constitution Anglicanorum coetibus. As first there is a depiction of key-notions in Anglican theology, as well as the explanation where so called ‘Anglican traditionalists’ come from. In the next part the Author describes the situation of internal divisions in Anglican Communion caused by controversies over women’s ordination (in the past) and gay ordination and marriage (at present).

On the basis of these statements the Author explains why the apostolic constitution Anglicanorum coetibus has been necessary and whom is it really addressed to. Then, we find the brief presentation of the content of Anglicanorum coetibus, followed by the description of first reactions from Anglican protagonists and adversaries of the papal document. The article next portrays the initiative of Anglican Global South as a response to regrettable developments in Anglican Communion. According to the Author the life-long solution for Anglicans may come with wide-spread adoption of the Anglican Covenant, strongly supported by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The solution opened by the papal constitution will probably atract only a small (about 0,5% of Anglican population) group of above named traditionalists.

The article is summed-up by a bitter reflection about the lack of care for Christian unity in controversial decision-making by some Anglican (especially ECUSA) and protestant Churches.

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anglikanizm, Anglicanorum coetibus, ekumenizm, jedność

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