Wychowanie do życia chrześcijańskiego według pism Matki Elżbiety Czackiej († 1961)

Jarosław M. Popławski


Education for Christian Life According to Mother Elżbieta Czacka's (†1961) Notes

The founder of the Order of Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross and at the same time a co-founder of the “Laski Work”, who lived in the 20th century, may be considered a wise and sagacious educator. The spiritual notes she left (Notatki and Dyrektorium), written under the influence and at the request of her spiritual guide, reveal Czacka's extraordinary deliberateness. Conscious of human limitations that are a result and a consequence of the original sin, she emphasized the necessity of absolute trust to God, so that discovering His love one could accept anything that He reveals to the man with faith and hope, including the gift and grace of suffering. In the process of Christian formation she also ascribed an important role to prayer as well as to healthy, moderate asceticism. It seems that Czacka's reflections that also today topical, may be a help not only to consecrated people, but also to all those who undertake the work of constant, permanent spiritual formation.

Słowa kluczowe

Matka Elżbieta Czacka; chrześcijańskie wychowanie; wychowanie do miłości; modlitwa; cierpienie

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