Encyklika „O wierze”

Czesław S. Bartnik


The encyclical “Lumen fidei” sketched by Benedict XVI, with some reflections by Pope Francis, is the first document by the Magisterium that is devoted as a whole to the issue of faith seen from the theological point of view. It deals with faith not only in the aspect of accepting the revealed truths by the mind, but also as the existence in Christ in all dimensions. It does not give a synthetic definition of faith, but on the basis of the presented elements faith probably may be defined as Christification of a man, an individual and a community, done by Christ’s Gift in cooperation with the human person in the aspect of reality of the revelation, redemption and salvation.

Słowa kluczowe

wiara; światło; miłość; objawienie; prawda; chrystyfikacja; tradycja; Papież Franciszek; Benedykt XVI

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