Wiara w Jezusa Zmartwychwstałego według Benedykta XVI

Mirosław Kowalczyk


The author discusses the notion of Christ's Resurrection as presented by Benedict XVI, who has created a synthetic and in-depth account of the Resurrection on the basis of phenomenological, historical and dogmatic exegesis of the relevant biblical texts. The Pope presents the denominational and the narrative tradition related to the faith in the Risen Jesus, pointing out to the centrality of the Resurrection for Christianity and for the world. Benedict XVI definitely refutes the dichotomy introduced by liberal theology between „the historical and the theological Jesus”. The Pope strives to show us that believing in the Resurrection also means recognizing it cognitively as a fact, and in this way it is part of our knowledge.

Słowa kluczowe

Benedykt XVI; Zmartwychwstanie; wiara; historia; tradycja; credo; narracja

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