Parabola humanizmu naturalistycznego

Massimo Sarretti


In the first part of the article the Italian theologian and philosopher Massimo Serretti presents the stages of formation of two concepts: person and nature, the stages of connecting them, and the stages when they appeared separately. On the example of the presented history of thought the author shows that separating the concept of nature from the concept of person has caused, among others, separating anthropology from personology, and in this way has influenced the view of man and the differentiated ethical approach to man as part of nature and as a being transcending nature thanks to the power of spirit. The author of the article proves that for Christian thought based on Revelation anthropology is personology, as the nature of man is not similar to anything in the world of nature; it only has counterparts in the world of Divine persons.

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osoba; natura; antropologia; personologia

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