Refleksje wokół teorii zaangażowania i czynu w ujęciu E. Mouniera

Krzysztof Witko


Politicians, philosophers, sociologists, educators, and priests often declare their belief that there is a universal crisis of political, civil, and existential commitment among the youth and adults. E. Mounier’s philosophical and existential output is undoubtedly one of the more interesting reflections on authentic commitment in twentieth-century thinkers. It seems, however, that the thought of the French personalist has not been sufficiently accepted, nor appropriately appreciated. It is not just a matter of the moment. His theory of act and commitment is firmly based on the ethics of responsibility for one another and the indispensable dignity of the human person. This paper is an attempt to bring closer some aspects of Mounier’s theory of act. His work may open a horizon for further reflections. After all this sketch should allow the reader to better grasp the concept of commitment from the angle of Christian personalism that is fundamental for the understanding of the mystery of the person.

Słowa kluczowe

personalizm; czyn osoby; teoria czynu; kategoria czynu; filozofia czynu; zaangażowanie osoby; zbiorowe działanie

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