Teolog w świecie konfliktów. In memoriam Edward Schillebeeckx (1914-2009)

Antoni Nadbrzeżny


This paper is dedicated to Edward Schillebeeckx OP (1914-2009). It was written after his death and is an intellectual honour given to the eminent contemporary theologian. The author presents the principals stages of Schillebeeckx’s biography, his contribution to the preparation and proceedings of the Second Vatican Council. It depicts the most important Schillebeeckx’s theological views and their evolution. And it indicates the causes of the conflict between the Flemish Dominican and the Vatican Congregation for the Teaching of Faith. This paper contains also some personal memories of the author’s encounter with Edward Schillebeeckx at the Dominican religious home in Berg en Dal (Holland).

Słowa kluczowe

Edward Schilleebeckx; Sobór Watykański II; teologia; hermeneutyka; sekularyzacja; chrystologia; eklezjologia

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