Kapłaństwo inkarnacyjno-paschalne

Czesław S. Bartnik


If one speaks about Christology and then about soteriology either in their paschal or incarnational (Incarnation) aspects, then one may speak about either paschal or incarnational priesthood. Though the classical priesthood is related with the Pascha, yet we must necessarily also notice the incarnational dimension and make up one, inseparable, and supplementing whole on the basis of one Person of Christ, one “person” of the Church and one person of the priest. In the personalistic approach, the priest receive the sign of esse sacerdotale and agere sacerdotale on the basis of priestly grace. This grace is given in the sacrament of the priesthood that is grafted into by a direct and church-making manner in the priesthood of Christ and making the whole Christic personality in the person called to the priesthood.

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Pascha; Wcielenie; Soteriologia; Hieratologia

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