Rozumienie odkupienia w Encyklice Redemptor hominis

Waldemar M. Fac


John Paul II developed a very profound and mystical teaching on redemption, mainly paschal one. Jesus Christ is man's only Redeemer: Redemptor hominis, and through man as the center of all creation He is also the Redeemer of the world: Redemptor mundi. Redemption in its essence is reconciliation of the human person with the Person of God the Father and with the whole Holy Trinity. Redemption on earth is incarnated in Jesus Christ, that is redemption is Jesus Christ, God – Man. It has the character of a personal tie between God's Love and Charity and a loving response from man. Through Love in redemption God creates man anew, so that redemption is in a sense an act of new creation. Owing to this the redeemed man finds his essence in Christ and is fulfilled in Christ in a supreme way. Redemption gives us freedom owing to the revelation of Truth.

Słowa kluczowe

Odkupienie; stworzenie; pojednanie; nowe stworzenie; wolność

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