Eklezjologia odpowiedzialności. Z namysłu nad Encykliką Redemptor hominis

Antoni Nadbrzeżny


The encyclical Redemptor hominis contains many interesting ideas that may be the basis for constructing ecclesiology of responsibility. Under the influence of phenomenology and existentialism contemporary theology ever better discovers the importance of responsibility. The Church identifies itself as a social subject of responsibility. In unity with Christ the Redeemer the Church assumes responsibility for truth, freedom, human fate and the human rights. Responsibility of all the members of the Church community is born from experiencing the dignity of the human person redeemed by Christ. This responsibility has a dialogic character. This is why the Church is aware of its responsibility not only to God, but also to the world and to itself.

Słowa kluczowe

eklezjologia; odpowiedzialność; odkupienie; prawda; wolność; los człowieka; prawa człowieka; godność ludzka

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