Kształtowanie historii przez Odkupiciela według Encykliki Redemptor hominis

Mirosław Kowalczyk


Pope John Paul II broadly developed theology of history and made it more thorough, approaching it first of all as “Christology of history”. In the 20th century history of salvation and mundane history are usually separated, but the Pope joins them very closely; he starts from the paradigm of Christ's Incarnation and reality of His redemption of men and the world; and this is why he constantly shows how all the wealth of Jesus Christ, His Person, life, spirit,teaching and acting not only defined the history of salvation, but also how in consequence it shapes the whole dimension of human life, including mundane life, mundane history and history of creation. In one word: Jesus Christ transforms the whole world. Christ's role is not only subjective, cultic, abstract, or one of thought, but it includes man's whole existence: the existence of a particular, real, historical and mundane man.

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Wcielenie; Odkupienie; Odkupiciel; historia; teologia historii; człowiek; osoba; świat

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