Personalistyczna struktura religii

Czesław S. Bartnik


The modern empirical, materialist and physical mind only understands causality of the same kind. However, it does not understand the influence of the supernatural factor on the world and man, considering it mythology, pure fantasy or magic. This is why it does not understand creating the world out of nothing, redemption, salvation, grace, the causal character of the sacraments, spiritual revival by the words of revelation, etc. The author reminds that religion, almost from its beginning, has a structure of personalistic structure, in which the matter unites with the spirit and the personalistic causality has primacy, transcending the material and physical causality.

Słowa kluczowe

religia; stworzenie; zbawienie; odkupienie; osoba; świat; byt; struktura personalistyczna; personalizm

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