W trosce o Dzień Pański w rodzinie i wspólnocie parafialnej

Bogusław Wolański


Out of concern of the Lord's Day in the family and the parish community

Sunday is the very center of Christian life. Discovering the meaning of the Lord's Day again is a grace, for which one should pray, in order to respond to every man’s true and deep desire. Rejecting the holiness of Sunday, and in this way treating God’s third commandment superficially, is one of the elements threatening man’s harmonious development. Desacralization of Sunday is proven by organizing and taking up additional gainful employment, doing the hard household chores, doing the shopping in supermarkets or at second-hand car sales. Hence undertaking various actions in dioceses and in parishes seems necessary, in order to restore God's order of living the week.

Słowa kluczowe

niedziela; świętowanie; Dzień Pański; parafia; rodzina; odpoczynek

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