Terminologiczne podstawy katechezy mistagogicznej

Paweł Mąkosa


Terminological bases of the mystagogic catechesis

One of the greatest problems modern religious education struggles with is the decreasing participation in the sacramental life of ever greater number of Catholics. It seems that the only antidote to this situation may be an in-depth mystagogic catechesis that will help overcome the magic and superficial perception of liturgy. In the present article an attempt is undertaken to synthetically define the very reality of mystagogy, and the two basic notions, on which it is based, that is „symbol” and „mystery”, are subjected to analysis. A proper understanding of these terms are necessary to work out a modern conception of mystagogic catechesis.

Słowa kluczowe

katecheza; mistagogia; symbol; misterium

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