Podstawy filozoficzno-teologiczne systemu wychowawczego o. Jacka Woronieckiego

Wanda Kamińska


The article sets out to present the basic problems and concepts of philosophy which lie at the foundation of the educational system of Father J. Woroniecki, a pedagogue, philosopher and theologian active in Poland in the years 1908-1948. Father Woroniecki's system was based on the teachings of St. Tomas Aquinas. The article considers the problem of human nature and those of its properties owing to which man can be educated and can perfect himself. It also deals with the questions of human faculties, hierarchy of values, essence of moral good, moral law and the process of moral perfection. The author intends no comparison of Father Woroniecki's teaching with the analyses of modern Thomists. He is more concerned with various ways in which certain problems can be approached and solved. Father Woroniecki's way, which is fifty years old, bears the mark of universality.

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