Cele wychowawcze nauczania fizyki w PRL i ich ewolucja

Stanisław Bednarek


In the work the results of examination of educational purposes realized in the process of teaching physics in the Polish People's Republic as well as their evolution were presented. The examination showed that in the period of the socialistic form of government in Poland the realization of educational purposes was of much concern. In the article three main periods were pointed out according to the priority of the purposes which were due to undergoing changes. The most important educational purposes in the post-war period were the following: developing of a scientific, radically materialistic philosophy of life and presenting the importance of physics for the development of the socialistic economy and society. The purposes which were them put forward were frequently realized in an artificial and propagandist way. The objective conditions in the country were hardly taken into consideration then. Recently, there has not been so much pressure on realization of the mentioned-above purposes. It has also been noticed that a list of the recommended purposes has been extended and less artificial and propagandist methods have been applied to achieve them.

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