Odnowa moralna − podstawą ładu społecznego. Od Rerum novarum do Sollicitudo rei socialis

Janusz Mariański


The author draws our attention to various threats in the contemporary world. These threats affect the social order, which is being established with difficulty, in the dimensions of the state, international societies and the whole human family. The author emphasizes the role of moral regeneration in the moulding of a proper, ie humanistic, social order. The bulk of considerations has been put forward in the following theses: a) from the crisis of social structures to the crisis of man, b) from the egoistic possession to the civilization of consumption, c) from the class injustice to injustice in its international and world-wide dimensions, d) from injustice and love to the basic values, e) from de-Christianization to religious indifferentism.

The problems which have been analyzed show their indispensable moral character. They seem to contain above all negative aspects. This is not, however, the reason why we should give up or be pessimistic. There are also signs of hope and positive aspects such as: full awareness of one's dignity and of the dignity of every person is being more and more widely spread, a conviction of a mutual relationship and in consequence a need for a new solidarity, care about peace along with the awareness that it is indivisible, ecological care, rejection of war and violence, yearning for freedom, justice and brotherhood, increase of the sense of dignity and full appreciation of woman's dignity.

These signs of hope are still frail, limited and incommensurate with actual needs but they indicate the right direction of changes.

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