Rola wspólnot l’Arche w życiu i rozwoju osób niepełnosprawnych umysłowo

Urszula Rodzik-Rżysko, Tomasz Ożóg


The paper describes the activity of l'Arche fellowships as a milieu of the life and development of mentally retarded persons. The Gospel is an inspiration in their life, and especially the Sermons on the Mountain. They are fellowschips of life, within the framework of which one can distinguish the fellowship of home, prayer, work and festivity. The principles which govern their life are: love, faithfulness, forgivenness and confidence. Interpersonal relations are based on dialogue and cooperation. They lead a mentally handicapped person to the revelation of his her own value and stir in them a desire to develop.

The fact that such fellowships exist is a token for the contemporary world and also for the countries of Eastern Europe, where the mentally handicapped are treated objectively and kept in the margin of life.

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