Świat finansów w perspektywie etycznej

Adam Zadroga


Ethical reflection is a type of academic deliberation which allows for a deeper analysis of various fields of human activity. It is not afraid to ask difficult, but at the same time fundamental questions about man and the reality in which that man comes to live and work. The following article has as its goal to present the issues of the “world” of finances from the ethical perspective.

The first part is an attempt to reply to the question: what in general is financial ethics and what are its main topics which this field deals with? The second part presents chosen problems of a social and moral character in the world of finances. Threats described allow one to justify the necessity to perceive within activities of the financial subjects at least basic ethical values such as honesty or responsibility. The subject of the third part of the report are concrete rules and instruments, whose application contributes to growth in trust between subjects active in financial markets.

Słowa kluczowe

etyka; finanse; człowiek; praca; uczciwość; odpowiedzialność

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