Praktyki religijne w Polsce - ciągłość i zmiana

Janusz Mariański


In the present article we first draw the reader’s attention to the state and differentiation of religious practices in the Polish society, and next to some factors securing the stability of these practices. We conclude this discussion with a cautious sociological prediction concerning the Catholics’ involvement in cult practices in the future. The indication to a variety of determinants of continuity of religious practices in the Polish society shows how erroneous are the theses propagated by those Western sociologists who connect the high intensity of religious practices in Poland with the specific role of the Catholic Church in our country. Religious practices, including participation in the Sunday Holy Mass, do not constitute a full picture of believers’ religiousness. Participation in them – as social behavior – can be subjected not only to religious influences and effects, but also it may be a behavior that is the result of social norms and conventions inclining one to perform acts of religious cult even with weak religious motivation.

Słowa kluczowe

praktyki religijne; religijność; uwarunkowania społeczno-kościelne praktyk religijnych; dynamika praktyk religijnych

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