Wierzenia i praktyki parareligijne w percepcji rodziny z osobą niepełnosprawną

Witold Janoch


Both all-Poland research and research conducted by the author shows that despite the great interest in parareligion only few respondents believe in its efficiency. This lack of faith is especially clearly seen in disabled persons, and this is probably because many such persons have already looked for help in unconventional kinds of treatment and after they were disappointed they are convinced that such methods do not give good results. This kind of research should be especially widely popularized, as there are still many people who resort to unconventional methods of treatment in their difficult moments; indeed some of them abandon scientific methods altogether, which, in turn, may be tantamount to rejecting the only chance for being cured.

Słowa kluczowe

rodzina; niepełnosprawność; wierzenia; parareligia

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