Podstawy współdziałania Kościoła i państwa w zakresie działalności charytatywnej

Małgorzata Czuryk


The article deals with the issue of cooperation of the State and Church institutions in the area of charity work, which forms the basis of both structures.

One of the basic functions of the State is social support. The State, due to its considerable burden, is not capable of performing tasks in the indicated area, therefore delegates some of its operations to subjects lying outside the public sphere. Charity work is also performed by the Church through its institutions. The realisation of the above tasks by the Church is based upon the principle of cooperation.

Regulations of the Canon Law and Polish law relating to charity work are complementary. The Polish legislator acknowledges the norms of the Canon Law and creates necessary conditions for Church institutions to freely conduct its charity work.

Forms of cooperation include: exchange of information on the areas of activity and cooperation, delegation of public tasks to Church institutions which conduct charity work, consultancy and creation of common advisory teams.

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Kościół; państwo; działalność charytatywna; współdziałanie; zasada pomocniczości

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