Sytuacja majątkowa małżonków w prawie rzymskim antycznym

Jakub M. Łukasiewicz


Historically, two opposing approaches to the institution of marriage developed. According to the first view, marriage was perceived as a kind of an agreement aimed at settling property matters between the spouses. The other belief holds that marriage is something more than just an agreement since it serves social and emotional functions which are so significant that their legal protection is advisable.

Legal developments in ancient Rome, which were based on the first concept, are so distant from the solutions prevailing nowadays that their specific character is worth emphasizing. The purpose of this article is to introduce those provisions. This may subsequently give rise to a careful consideration concerning modern solutions and their legal reflection.

Słowa kluczowe

pater familias; rodzina agnatyczna; małżeństwo cum manu; małżeństwo sine manu; osoba alieni iuris; osoba sui iuris; peculium; dos; prawo rzymskie antyczne

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