Abraham – ojciec wiary

Andrzej Krasowski


Every vocation is the work of God. It is God who gives the grace and everything one needs to fulfil the vocation. So it was in Abraham’s life.

Being called Abraham had to follow his way — the way of faith. All this was given to him that he could learn to look at the events of his life not as a pagan but as God Himself.               Allowing the transformation God sends consolation. But He also allows doubts and even sufferings that purify.

God acts in certain time continuum and through the definite events. Abraham learns not only to believe in God, but just trust Him.

Being put to the test on Moria Mountain he doesn’t hesitate to follow the senseless, from the human point of view, way of life.

He has already experienced the great love of God who leads him. Abraham believes God because he has experienced earlier that God gets life out of death! This is the moment when in his deep faith Abraham sees the Resurrection.

Being baptized everyone gets vocation to holiness. God also leads us through the way of faith giving us the events we could respond to with the words of Abraham — the words of faith: “God will provide.”

Słowa kluczowe

powołanie; obietnica; trudności; pocieszenie; przymierze; wiara

Pełny tekst:



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