Anatomist, Practitioner, and Translator: A Look at a Few Problems Caused by the Evolution of Anatomical Nomenclatures

Sylvie Vandaele


Although the terminology of anatomy is regulated through international (Latin) nomenclatures, translators as well as health practitioners are facing numerous difficulties. In French, the fact that the successive international nomenclatures have coexisted together with the classical French nomenclature for almost a century makes the situation complex. Relying on an analysis of French names of bronchi and bronchial arteries, this article underlines two types of problems: first, mapping the different nomenclatures is difficult; second, a number of complex terms, either anatomical or related to other sub-domains of medicine, include units derived from anatomical terms. Translators and terminologists will have to be very rigorous, and the resources compiling the different nomenclatures will be very useful.


Terminologia anatomica; Nomina anatomica; classical French nomenclature; lung; bronchi; bronchial arteries


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